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About us
The D-Haupt GmbH

1968 - 2019

The origins of our company were laid over 50 years ago by Mr. Egon Haupt, who first learned and worked in Cologne at DEUTZ AG and then founded his own company.

The company D. Haupt GmbH in its present form was registered by Mr. Haupt in 1988 in the commercial register Cologne. The company was initially based in Cologne-Kalk.

After the death of Mr. Egon Haupt Mr. Günter Schück took over the company in the year 1999. He was previously employed at the company BOSCH. As a result, the focus areas BOSCH and DEUTZ spare parts service have been created. In 2004, D. Haupt GmbH relocated its headquarters to Cologne-Widdersdorf for economic reasons. The expansion to engines and spare parts not only from BOSCH & DEUTZ, but also Mercedes, MTU, MWM, ZEXEL, MAN and MaK has been steadily expanding.

In the course of age-related company succession, D. Haupt GmbH was handed over to Mr. Sven Janssen in 2019. Mr. Janssen is Dipl.-Eng. for marine engineering and has led in recent years a work shop for injection technique of large diesel engines as operations manager. Now another field of activity of the company D. Haupt GmbH arises in the field of off-shore wind turbines, ship operation technology and stationary power plants for large diesel engines.

Mr. Schück will remain with the company as consultant And together with Mr. Janssen will accompany the expansion of D. Haupt GmbH.